Business Card and Poster Printing Service Perth and Fremantle

Printing services provided by Docuprint and are wide and varied, from a simple business card which you can have within the hour if you are in the Perth area and your artwork is ready to print to a large book with multiple pages and perfect bound or case bound, saddle stitched or wirobound/ plasticoil bound (this one you can drive a car over and it’ll bounce back).

Business Card Printing

Business card printing at Docuprint is where you can turn your business cards into something special without the normal huge price tag. We can foil your cards in bright golds or silver, spot UV varnish (this looks really great with a logo where you make the surface of the logo shiny but all around it matt, it really jumps out of the page) subtlety is the key with UV varnish. Business card printing at Docuprint can also offer you embossing. Imagine your name on a business card where you can run your finger over the lettering and it is raised off the surface (on the back of the card you can see/feel that the card has been “pushed out”). You can have the same with a name, logo, or picture so that this part of your card really stands out. Business cards tend to all look the same, but at Docuprint we offer something a little different: odd sizes, odd shapes, folded business cards, matte or gloss laminated and not to forget thermography (raised printing which was popular 20 years ago and is now enjoying a renaissance).

One of the most prolific areas of print is business card printing. We can offer you an incredibly quick service if you are desperate (say 1 hour), a wide range of finishing options from simply matt laminating to embossing and more, with business card printing by Docuprint Perth, we think we’ve got most of covered and if we haven’t we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

We pride ourselves in offering not just printing services, but solutions that will help you get the most for your dollar. Take an example, someone emailed us with a request for some flyers 100 or so A4 size. There wasn’t enough information on the page and the message fitted easily and looked better on a smaller size, so instead of just printing their job and charging them $60 we suggested they altered the size of their artwork to DL 210×99. The end result looked better and they increased their quantity of leaflets to 300 for the same price.

The difference with us at Printing Services Perth by Docuprint is that we believe if we look after you, you’ll keep coming back, year after year. We may not always be the cheapest but if you give us the opportunity, we’ll always try to match the big boys and you can be sure that you’ll be dealing with someone who has made a lifetime career of printing. We will offer you alternatives and have the ability to think outside of the square rather than working off a price list. Ask your local operator at some of the big chain shops a few questions and see what answers you get, then come and talk to us at Printing Services Perth by Docuprint.

Large Format or Poster Printing

Poster printing is a minefield: What resolution is best? How old is the technology being used? How long will the image last? Our printing services at Docuprint in Perth use the latest technology in large format printing for poster printing with the ability to print at up to 1440dpi (the average is 300-600dpi).

Large format printing at Docuprint Perth is where you’ll find real choices, choices of materials, sizes and finishes. Our poster printing can offer you block-mounting on a wide range of substrates (mdf, kappaboard, corflute, foam board and more), poster printing from 360dpi for simple colour plans right up to 1440dpi for highly visual presentations or photos, on a wide range of materials like fabric, cotton canvas, polyester film, transparency material (for use in a lightbox, this is an interesting idea for your house…. Just think of the possibilities), paper, thick paper and more.

We poster print using eco solvent inks which guarantees a long image life even if exposed to sunlight (a lot of die based inks used in cheaper outlets will fade in months or weeks if exposed to strong sunlight).

One word of warning, when you look at an image on your screen, it is shown in red/green/blue (RGB) and has a light behind it. When we print, we print in Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Black on white paper/material so your images will look different. With our large format printing or poster printing, we offer a proofing service so that you can see exactly what your image will look like. This costs as little as $10 and if you have a really special image, this is the time to think about image enhancement and colour correction.

The next time you need a poster, try our large format printing services at Docuprint and we’ll help you make sense of it all.

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